Our trip to the Loire Valley to see the French chateaus was full of 4 metro rides, 4 trains, and frustrating surprises, but it was worth the complications and was by far the most beautiful thing we’ve seen yet. First, we got dropped off in the charming town of Amboise and got to walk along the river and through the town.  I love the French country side so much that I picked out my retirement house in the town of Amboise.

After seeing the castle, eating lunch and maybe one too many chocolates in Amboise, we went to Chambord, which was my favorite.

Chambord was my favorite because of the grounds, the huge spiral stair cases designed by DaVinci, and the 282 large fireplaces. Our last stop was Cheverny, which was Katelin’s favorite because of the architectural style and the “homey” feel of the chateau since it was not as large and overwhelming as the others.

Overall, our day trip to the Loire Valley was incredible. We wouldn’t have missed it for anything and highly recommend everyone to go to the Loire Valley.