Oh my Barcelona; what an incredible trip! This was our first official trip leaving our new home in Sevilla for weekend travels. We got to see a lot, and it was fun seeing a totally different side of Spain and comparing it to what we now know and have grown to love in Sevilla.

Above is Parc Guell, which was absolutely beautiful. We loved the colorful tiles and Gaudi architecture.

After seeing Parc Guel, we got to see the Sagrada Familia, which was massive and so pretty.

Our hostel was close to the water and a great Farmer’s Market, La  Boqueria, so we took frequent walks to these two places

Here’s a little overview of this great Farmer’s Market in the neighborhood Les Ramblas, where we stayed. This isn’t your ordinary Farmer’s Market. As you can see above, the majority of the meat for purchase had heads still attached and lobster and other seafood items were still alive. We didn’t splurge on either of those tempting options, but we enjoyed the inexpensive gelato and fresh squeezed juice that came in every fruit combination you could imagine.

Now we’re saving the best for last:

Katelin and I actually planned our trip to Barcelona around this FC Barcelona game. We bought the cheapest tickets for 55eu in the very top section of the stadium… or so we thought. We followed our section number, row number, and seat number and were shocked when the directions did not lead us up endless flights of stairs but to the front row. Yes, this is real life. We realize there must have been a glitch in the system, but it’s one mistake that we will forever cherish. We sat in the front row of this FCB game. Katelin and I both grew up with lives that revolved around soccer, so this was a great treat.

And the best part was watching Messi within feet of us score a beautiful goal. Then they ran to the fans right where were standing to celebrate. I haven’t stopped smiling after this experience. The wind was strong and it was so cold that night, so I got sick, but I would not trade that experience for anything in the world.

Thank you Barcelona for a great trip!