This past week, we had the pleasure of traveling with Katelin’s generous and sweet parents to Florence and Tuscany. We spent our first 24 hours in Florence eating lots of carbs and gelato, and exploring. We walked around, bargained at the market in the leather district, and saw Michelangelo’s David. Our first night, we got to see two of our good friends from Point Loma, Chelsey and Ann. It’s always great to see friendly faces but it’s a bit strange to see home friends in Europe.

Next, we got to spend a few relaxing days in Tuscany at an old 1500’s farmhouse in the town of San Donato. The precious Italian owner, Marzio, was a great host and served us a full Tuscan breakfast—including wild boar—in the mornings and gave us wonderful recommendations of what towns to explore.

On Sunday, we got in our rental car and saw so many quant Tuscan towns. We spent the morning in Greve and then went to the town of Montefiornalle. No cars are allowed in Montefiornalle and we walked the whole town in a matter of minutes. The town was full of beautiful views and cobble stone streets.

Later, we went to Siena and stumbled upon a large chocolate festival in the main square. Our last and favorite stop was to the romantic town of San Gimignano. San Gimignano was another town without cars. Lights lit up the cobble stone streets and the people were the sweetest. When we asked an Italian woman where to eat, she walked us to a hidden restaurant on a side street. Then she spoke Italian to the owner and we’re positive she told them to take care of us because we received the best service and a few free gifts our fellow tables didn’t receive.

I already miss the pasta and pizza in Italy but I think my body is happy to go back to a healthier, more balanced diet, but I’ll see you again soon, Italy.