Our time in Morocco was the most unique traveling experience we have yet to have. We arrived to a large coastal city (Tetuan) after many hours of buses, ferries, and money exchanging. We were greeted with a performance that consisted of African drummers singing, shouting, and dancing with fire.  It was a perfect welcome into the African culture!

On Saturday we woke up at the crack dawn and piled on the bus to Chafchaouen where all the buildings were blue and white. Apparently, the people in this city believe that the blue paint keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Aly and I got our bargaining skills on and roamed the market streets picking up spices and tea for our kitchen in San Diego. We went to lunch at a restaurant called Aladdin, which seemed to come straight out of the Disney movie!

On our last day in Morocco we traveled to Tetuan. We took a walking tour of the city and ran into a snake charmer in the streets. He would make the snake mad and then attempt to kiss it. He was absolutely insane! We ate lunch in Medina and watched a fire dancer as we drank the most incredible tea I have ever had. Below is a picture of our friend from Point Loma (Evan) with all the girls. The Moroccans kept making jokes about how he was lucky to have five wives!

Our last activity of the day was riding camels. The owner of the camels loved to mimic the girls by yelling “Oh my Godddd” the whole time we were riding. He practically picked us up and threw us on the camels and then would begin to tell them to giddy up. I didn’t know camels could giddy up!

After boarding the ferry to return home, Aly and I snuck to the deck of the boat and snapped a picture of the beautiful sunset as we watched Africa fade into the distance. As we made our way back to our seats I became so grateful for the unique cultures we are able to witness and the amazing moments and memories we are making in the process.