We apologize for the delay on the blog posts; Katelin and I have been traveling for the past 12 days for our Spring Break. We had an incredible time but definitely learned the full meaning of weary travelers. Previous to our departure, we bought the EuroRail Pass for 4 countries: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. Therefore, we wanted to get our full money’s worth and hit 7 different cities in 12 days. Seven different cities would be one overwhelming blog post, so I’ll begin with Austria.

Vienna was easily one of my favorite cities we visited in Europe. It was packed with beautiful parks and tiny cafes, which are two of our favorite things.

We loved the food and the vibe of Vienna. The people were sweet and we got to have Vietnamese and Mediterranean food, which we both miss so much. Our time in Vienna consisted of wandering between parks and cafes. We found the cafe in the first picture, Kleins, and it was literally a tiny hole in a wall but had the best coffee. Our last morning we went to the Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens and walked to the top of a hill in the gardens and saw a view of the city.

All of the trees were beginning to bloom and it was wonderful to see the first signs of spring. Our favorites were the cherry blossoms trees.


After Vienna, we went to Salzburg and spent less than 24 hours roaming the beautiful, quaint town. We wandered through the winding cobble stone streets lined with cafes and shops in Old Town. We also climbed the steep cliff to the Fortress above the city to see a view of the city and enjoyed more spring flowers in gardens in Salzburg. Austria was absolutely beautiful and it will be a definite place I’d love to return to in the future.