Here is our third and final post of our spring break trip to Central Europe: Germany and Switzerland.

So we had an unexpected start to our travels. Spain was having a national strike against labor laws the day we were supposed to leave. Therefore, the flights had been cancelled Tuesday pm and we had to rush and find a new flight. Our cheapest option was to add one more city to the mix, and leave in 8 hours from the moment we bought our ticket. Hence the unexpected trip to Berlin on our way in. We had less than 24 hours there, but spent the hours relaxing by the river.

Our second stop in Germany was later in the trip, when we went to Munich and a day trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle. We loved the Neuschwanstein Castle and discovered some interesting information from our tour inside the castle. It was unique and even had an imitation of a cave inside for the King to listen to music in.

Our lost stops were Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland. The train trip there was about 7 hours of beautiful landscapes. Once we arrived, we were treated the whole weekend by our three friends from Point Loma.


They showed us around Geneva and we got to see a lot including Lake Geneva, a petting zoo, parks, Old Town, the rose clock, and John Calvin’s grave.

Next we were off to Zurich to end our twelve day trip through Central Europe. It was a beautiful city with a river running through the middle. This was the coldest part of our trip so we bundled up and explored all we could the little time that we had.







As we walked along the river we ran into a Easter carnival and were brought back to the days of our childhood. Zurich being one of the most expensive cities in the world prevented us from going on rides but it was still fun to watch!

Our last day came with a big surprise as we woke up to snow on Easter!

At this point we were ready to go home to our host family and missed the sunshine. Despite the exhaustion that comes along with twelve days of travel we were so happy to be able to experience what we did and that we pulled it off!