Sometimes I forget just how central we are here in Europe. A short four hour bus ride took us to the coast of Portugal two weekends ago with our program in Seville. It was a bit chaotic with over 100 college students all piled into one hotel, but so much fun!

First, we stopped at the famous cliffs in Lagos. We hiked down the sides of the cliffs  where we found boats floating along the water and massive rock formations jutting up from the sea. It really was a sight to see!






Right when we got to our hotel in Portimao, we raced to the beach where breathtaking views awaited us.

On our last day we were surprised with a rain storm but this didn’t stop us from exploring the beaches and the small town of Portimao. We spent plenty of time eating at the cute cafés with amazing views of the ocean. Our meals usually took over two hours due to the relaxed nature of the Portuguese people. They were so friendly and their concept of time was perceived in a much more relaxed manner than it is in the states. Overall, Portugal was wonderful and we were sad to leave so soon.