Feria de Abril is a week long festival in Sevilla, Spain all about music and Flamenco dancing. Words cannot describe how incredible this week is. It is almost like time traveling to a place with cobble stone roads, horse carriages, and large, fancy dresses. The grounds of Feria are barren throughout the whole year except for the week long festival, but the place lights up with charm and culture every year.

The typical attire is a tight fitted dresses such as these for the ladies. Our host mothers got us in contact with people to rent dresses from, and our dresses were chosen by our favorite Spanish ladies who made us try on multiple dresses as they chatted about which was ‘the one.’

Beginning midday (2pm), people flock to the Feria Grounds in their Flamenco dresses and suits either by foot or by horse carriage for a long day of dancing, eating and drinking. There are over one-thousand ‘casetas’ or tents that host the festivals. Eighty percent of the casetas are privately owned and only people on the list or friends waved in by the hosts are allowed in. These casetas are not just your average tent; most are as large as a few rooms put together complete with a kitchen, bathroom, tables to eat, a bar, and a dance floor. The casetas are intricately decorated and each one is unique. We had the pleasure of getting into a few private casetas courtesy of our host parents and host parents of our friends.

Katelin and I have been taking Flamenco dance classes twice a week all semester along with three other friends here. During Feria, the people dance the ‘Sevillanos’ and the ‘Rumba.’ The ‘Sevillanos’ dance is comprised of 4 parts, each part getting more complicated than the previous. We loved butchering our way through dancing Sevillanos in the casetas, and the locals were kind and helped us along the way and danced with us. Here is a picture of us inside a larger caseta.

The best part about the Feria was the lights at night. All of the lights turned on at 9pm and the grounds turned even more charming and magical than before.

We had the best time at Feria and hope to return one day and try out our Sevillanos dance one last time. Leaving Feria was hard, but we walked along the river seeing the beautiful lights and sights of our home we are sad to leave in a couple weeks.

Goodbye Feria and Goodnight to the most beautiful home I could wish for.