Hello everyone,

So I have the pleasure of announcing that I have the opportunity to go to Uganda this coming up January through my church, The Flood, and the organization Children of the Nations (COTN). You all are near and dear to my heart, so I wanted to share a bit more about the trip and where my heart has been lately. I’ve begun to have the freak-out-wake-up-call that in just, well, 43 days I will be done with my undergraduate education and will be forced into the “real world.” I can’t wait to start my career, but I had the strong urge to do something else before I began this next chapter of my ‘adulthood.’ So one hot Sunday morning in San Diego, I saw the announcement in the Flood pamphlet to go to Uganda, and immediately I felt like this could be something good for me. After testing my patience and waiting a week to pray and talk through this opportunity with family and friends, I finally applied.

The trip was initiated to film and create promotional videos for COTN, and the creative video and photography aspect of the trip really drew me in. In addition to making films, we have the opportunity to stay in the COTN village in Northern Uganda with 60+ kids and create and facilitate a camp for them during the week, as it is their summer break in Uganda. The village we will be staying in was attacked by the LRA in 2007 and left 60+ kids ages ranging from 3-18 without parents. COTN built 6 houses for these 60 kids, and are providing food, shelter, schooling, a means to learn about Jesus and much more for these kids. And I cannot wait to be a part of the COTN movement and share my heart and love with these kids.

I cannot wait to start the first month of my post-college career serving Jesus and learning so much about the ways in which the Lord works, about COTN and Northern Uganda, about these precious kids who have been through so much pain and loss, and about myself and where my passions and joys lie. After I applied, I realized I signed up completely alone, not knowing anyone, and committed to going to a place I’ve never been, experiencing completely different things, and committed to raising $3000 of support money in a short 2 months. But the cool thing is, I have no doubt in my mind that this is where I am supposed to be in January and while my short-lived fears come and go, fear is just an amazing thing that  teaches you more and more about trust and reliance on the Lord. These past few months, God has been teaching me what it is really like to surrender to him daily. It’s terrifying and my life after Uganda is not in the least bit figured out, but I can’t wait to see where God’s going to take me and the ways in which he gets to use my talents and passions for his glory.

I wanted to share this with you all so you could get a better glimpse of my heart and what I am feeling and going through. I wanted to inform you all and ask for prayer support, as I am going to need a lot of it. In addition, if you feel called to support me financially, I would love the help and support, and you can email me ( alysontate464@pointloma.edu ) for more information. I would love all the prayers and support and know that you all have made a impact in my life and have been parts of my story and the reason I am who I am today; and I thank you all.

With love,